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We received so many wonderful entries to the Postcards Competition - thanks to all who sent in a postcard.

All the postcards we received were displayed in our exhibition alongside  multi-media works by a range of international artists and collectors interested in postcards and letters, including Helen Allsebrook, Des Barry and Diego Vidart, Carson and Miller, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Richard Cox, Paula Do Prado, Julia Gillen, Chris Glynn and Fran O'Hara, Lea Redmond, Lino Mannocci, Nicola Ashmore and Chudasama and Wood.

The Postcards Competition was judged, in correspondence, by the novelist Nicola Barker, whose latest book Burley Cross Postbox Theft is a comic novel told in letter form.

Congratulations to the winners and to those whose postcards Nicola Barker chose for publication in the Picture This Postcards Competition booklet.

Winner: Anna Kisby
Second place: Paul Radburn
Third place: Camilla Chen
Other published cards in the booklet were sent in by: Colette Bernhardt//Laura Beyer//Season Butler//Anwyl Cooper-Willis//Amy Douglas//Dulcie Few//Amanda Finch//Faye Griffiths & Beatriz Palma//Ruth E. Lowe//Katie Mac//David Miller//Jaime Robles//Nuri Rosegg//Bob Tomolillo//Sarah Warrick//Louisa Wright
Amy Douglas, Nuri Rosegg, Faye Griffiths & Beatriz Palma, and Katie Mac also received particular commendations from Nicola Barker for their cards.

The Picture This Postcards Competition was run in collaboration with Myriad Editions. You can see Nicola Barker's selected postcards on their website here:

The following postcard-ers were also given special mention by the Picture This Postcards Competition Panel, made up of professionals involved in the literary and visual arts, and members of the Picture this: postcards and letters beyond text conference committee:

Shereen Adel – chosen by Katie Reid, Picture This Organizer
Helen Allsebrook – mentioned by Belle Mellor, award-winning illustrator, artist and animator,
and Jaime Robles – also mentioned by Belle Mellor (see above, who could not decide between the two!)
Tom Bamford – chosen by Nancy Campbell, poet and printmaker
Anwyl Cooper Willis – comments made by Kevin Bacon, Curator of Photographs at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
Lucy Christmas – mention made by Nicola Ashmore, Picture This Exhibition Curator and Committee member
Gracia Haby – comment made by Vicky Blunden, Fiction Editor at Myriad Editions
Sarah Kelly – special mention from Naomi Booth, Picture This Committee
Anna Kisby – chosen by Sarah Jackson, poet and lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University
Sarah Warrick – two mentions made by Robin Bagon, Picture This Committee, and Bethan Stevens, Picture This Organizer and Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University

The booklets are now for sale. If you would like to buy one, please email us

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